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As direct diamond importers, Artisans Jewelers offers the finest certified diamonds, including round brilliant cut diamonds and ideal cut diamonds with hearts and arrows. Artisans Jewelers also offers fancy shape diamonds, including princess cuts, radiant cuts, asscher cuts, cushion cuts, oval cuts, trillion cuts, and emerald cuts. All diamonds are selected for the best light performance and ultimate beauty.

While we appreciate all diamonds for their uniqueness and beauty, very few pass our strict standards. Is it distinctive? Is it ageless? Does it have an extraordinary quality that speaks to the person looking at it? Paul Terterian, a GIA Gemologist, has been buying diamonds for over 30 years. Paul hand-selects every diamond to showcase in our stores.

His discerning eye and passion for diamonds are why Artisans Jewelers offers both GIA and EGL certified diamonds, because only the best certified diamonds are good enough for Paul and only the best are good enough for you.

Come and experience the Artisans Jewelers difference.